RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCoolBar.FixedSize Property

Determines whether the bands automatically maintain a uniform height (or width).

property FixedSize: Boolean;
__property Boolean FixedSize;

Ordinarily, when Vertical and FixedSize are both false, the height of each TCoolBand is determined by the height of its controls or text. When FixedSize is true, the bands are resized so that they all have the same height; increasing the height of the tallest visible band automatically increases the height of all the other bands. 

When Vertical is true, these dependencies are switched. As long as FixedSize is false, the width of each band is determined the width of its controls and text. If FixedSize and Vertical are both set to true, the bands maintain the same width; increasing the width of the widest visible band automatically increases the width of all the other bands. 


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