RAD Studio VCL Reference
TConversion Class

TConversion converts rich text data from one encoding format to another.

TConversion = class(TObject);
class TConversion : public TObject;

Use TConversion as the base class for an object that converts rich data from one encoding system to another. TConversion, by itself, does not perform any conversions. It simply reads from or writes to a stream. TConversion provides an interface that can be overridden by derived classes that convert streamed text from one format to another. 

Descendants of TCustomRichEdit use TConversion when streaming text to and from files, when the files contain plain ANSI text or text in rich text format (RTF). To allow rich text edit controls to read from and write to files that use another format, derive a class from TConversion which converts between that format and RTF. Rich text edit controls can use the new class by registering it through their RegisterConversionFormat method, or by making it the default converter. 


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