RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCommonCalendar.BoldDays Method

Encodes a set of dates for use in the OnGetMonthInfo event handler.

procedure BoldDays(Days: array of LongWord; var MonthBoldInfo: LongWord);
__fastcall BoldDays(array of LongWord Days, LongWord MonthBoldInfo);

Use BoldDays to encode the days of the current month that should appear in bold. The value returned by BoldDays can be assigned to the MonthBoldInfo parameter of an OnGetMonthInfo event handler. 

Days is an array of unsigned integers corresponding to the days that should be bold.  

MonthBoldInfo returns the encoding of the values that were passed in the Days array. This value can be assigned to the MonthBoldInfo parameter of the OnGetMonthInfo event handler. (or the MonthBoldInfo parameter can be passed in for this argument). You shouldn't work with the MonthBoldInfo variable directly. 

For example, to encode the first and eighth days of a month, call

BoldDays([1,8], MonthBoldInfo);


unsigned bolddays[2] = {1,2};
BoldDays(bolddays, MonthBoldInfo);


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