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TComboExItem Class

TComboExItem represents an item in an extended combo box.

TComboExItem = class(TListControlItem);
class TComboExItem : public TListControlItem;

TComboExItem represents a single item in the drop-down list of a TComboBoxEx object. Each TComboBoxEx item publishes a set of properties that determine its appearance in the list of the combo box. These include 

Caption, which is the text that appears in the combo box list. 

ImageIndex, which identifies an image to appear beside the caption. 

SelectedImageIndex, which identifies an image to appear beside the caption when the item is selected. 

OverlayImageIndex, which identifies an overlay bitmap that can mask out portions of the image (or selected image), allowing the background of the item to show through. 

Indent, which indicates the number of pixels by which the item is indented in the list. 


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