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ComCtrls Namespace

This is namespace ComCtrls.

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ECommonCalendarError is the exception class for invalid entries in a TCommonCalendar component. 
EDateTimeError is the exception class for invalid date and time entries. 
EMonthCalError is the exception class for invalid entries in a TMonthCalendar component. 
ETreeViewError is the exception class for tree view errors. 
TAnimate is an animation control. 
TComboBoxEx represents a combo box that supports extended combo box features such as images on the list entries. 
This is class ComCtrls.TComboBoxExActionLink. 
This is class ComCtrls.TComboBoxExStrings. 
TComboExItem represents an item in an extended combo box. 
TComboExItems manages a collection of TComboExItem objects. 
TCommonCalendar is the base class for the controls TDateTimePicker and TMonthCalendar
TConversion converts rich text data from one encoding format to another. 
TCoolBand represents a band within a TCoolBar
TCoolBands is a container for TCoolBand objects. 
TCoolBar displays a collection of windowed controls within movable, resizable bands. 
TCustomComboBoxEx is the base class for combo box components that support extended combo box features such as images on the list entries. 
TCustomHeaderControl represents a spreadsheet-style header. 
TCustomHotKey is the base class for objects that wrap the Windows accelerator key Common Control. 
TCustomListView is the base type for all list view components, including TListView
TCustomRichEdit is the base type for rich edit controls such as TRichEdit
TCustomStatusBar is the base class for objects that represent status bars. 
TCustomTabControl is the base type for tab control components such as TTabControl and TPageControl
TCustomTreeView is the base type for tree-view components such as TTreeView
TCustomUpDown is the base type for up-down size controls such as TUpDown
TDateTimePicker displays a list box for entering dates or times. 
THeaderControl is a container for THeaderSection objects. It provides a set of resizable column headers. 
THeaderSection represents a section of a header control. 
THeaderSections is a container for THeaderSection objects. 
THotKey is a wrapper for a Windows Common Control hot key. 
TIconOptions describes how the icons in a list view should be arranged. 
TListColumn represents a column in a report-style list view. 
TListColumns is a collection of TListColumn objects. 
Group for a list item. 
Groups for a list view. 
TListItem is an individual item of a TListView control. 
TListItems maintains the collection of items that appear in a list view control. 
This is class ComCtrls.TListItemsEnumerator. 
TListView displays a list of items in various ways. 
This is class ComCtrls.TListViewActionLink. 
TMonthCalColors defines a color scheme for TDateTimePicker or TMonthCalendar's drop-down calendar. 
TMonthCalendar is stand-alone calendar in which a user can select a date or range of dates. 
TPageControl is a set of pages used to make a multiple page dialog box. 
TPageScroller defines a display area for a narrow window, such as a toolbar. 
TParaAttributes represents paragraph formatting properties for a rich edit control. 
TProgressBar displays a simple progress bar. 
TRichEdit is a wrapper for a Windows rich text edit control. 
TStatusBar represents a status bar. 
TStatusPanel represents a single panel of a status bar. 
TStatusPanels is a container for TStatusPanel objects. 
TTabControl is a tab set that has the appearance of notebook dividers. 
TTabSheet is an individual page in a TPageControl object. 
TTextAttributes represents the font characteristics of a section of text in a rich edit control. 
TToolBar manages tool buttons and other controls, arranging them in rows and automatically adjusting their sizes and positions. 
This is class ComCtrls.TToolBarDockObject. 
This is class ComCtrls.TToolBarEnumerator. 
TToolButton is a button control in a TToolBar object. 
TToolButtonActionLink is an action link designed for tool button control clients. 
TTrackBar is a wrapper for a track bar control. 
TTreeNode describes an individual node in a tree view control. 
TTreeNodes maintains a list of tree nodes in a tree view control. 
This is class ComCtrls.TTreeNodesEnumerator. 
TTreeView represents a window that displays a hierarchical list of items, such as the headings in a document, the entries in an index, or the files and directories on a disk. 
TUpDown is a wrapper for a Windows up-down control. 
TWorkArea represents a rectangular subregion of a list view's client area. 
TWorkAreas is a collection of TWorkArea objects. 
This is constant ComCtrls.CN_BANDCHANGE. 
This is constant ComCtrls.CN_DROPDOWNCLOSED. 
This is constant ComCtrls.ColumnHeaderWidth. 
This is constant ComCtrls.ColumnTextWidth. 
This is constant ComCtrls.ComCtlVersionIE3. 
This is constant ComCtrls.ComCtlVersionIE4. 
This is constant ComCtrls.ComCtlVersionIE401. 
This is constant ComCtrls.ComCtlVersionIE5. 
This is constant ComCtrls.ComCtlVersionIE501. 
This is constant ComCtrls.ComCtlVersionIE6. 
This is function ComCtrls.CheckCommonControl. 
Displays a tool button's dropdown menu. 
Indicates which version of ComCtl32.dll is installed. 
This is function ComCtrls.InitCommonControl. 
This is record ComCtrls.TAddMode. 
This is record ComCtrls.TAnimateParams. 
This is record ComCtrls.TAttributeType. 
TAutoCompleteOption and TAutoCompleteOptions specify a set of autocomplete options. 
TCalDayOfWeek represents a day of the week. 
TComboBoxExStyle is the type for the Style property of extended combo box controls. 
TComboBoxExStyleEx and TComboBoxExStyles configure the behavior of extended combo box controls. 
This is record ComCtrls.TCommonAVI. 
This is record ComCtrls.TConsistentAttribute. 
This is record ComCtrls.TConversionFormat. 
TCoolBandMaximize specifies the conditions under which a TCoolBand is maximized. 
TCustomDrawStage specifies a stage in the custom drawing process. 
TCustomDrawTarget specifies the target of a custom drawing event. 
This is record ComCtrls.TDateTimeKind. 
This is record ComCtrls.TDisplayCode. 
This is record ComCtrls.TDTCalAlignment. 
This is record ComCtrls.TDTDateFormat. 
This is record ComCtrls.TDTDateMode. 
This is record ComCtrls.THeaderSectionStyle. 
THeaderStyle specifies the style of a header control. 
THitTest and THitTests are used in the GetHitTestInfoAt method. 
This is record ComCtrls.THKInvalidKey. 
This is record ComCtrls.THKModifier. 
TIconArrangement indicates how the icons for items are arranged. 
TItemChange describes the type of change a list item undergoes. 
TItemFind identifies the type of search in an OnDataFind event handler. 
This is record ComCtrls.TItemRequests. 
TItemState and TItemStates specify the state of an item in a list view control. 
This is record ComCtrls.TListArrangement. 
TListGroupState describes list group's current state. 
TListHotTrackStyle and TListHotTrackStyles specify hot tracking styles for a list view control. 
This is record ComCtrls.TMultiSelectStyles. 
TNodeAttachMode identifies a new or changed tree node relationship. 
TNodeCache is the type for a cached tree-view node. 
This is record ComCtrls.TNodeDataInfo. 
This is record ComCtrls.TNodeDataInfo2. 
This is record ComCtrls.TNodeDataType. 
This is record ComCtrls.TNodeInfo. 
This is record ComCtrls.TNodeState. 
This is record ComCtrls.TNumberingStyle. 
TPageScrollerButton identifies a button on a page scroller. 
TPageScrollerButtonState indicates the state of a page scroller button. 
TPageScrollerOrientation indicates the orientation of a page scroller control. 
Specifies the position of the tool tip. 
TProgressBarOrientation specifies the orientation of a progress bar. 
Used to set the State property in and out of an error or paused state. 
Use the TProgressBarStyle enumeration to set the Style property in and out of marquee style. 
This is record ComCtrls.TRichEditStreamInfo. 
Indicates the direction in which to search for the nearest item to a specified item or point. 
Specifies search options. 
This is record ComCtrls.TSectionTrackState. 
TSortType indicates the criteria to use when sorting items. 
TStatusPanelBevel indicates the type of bevel around a panel in a status bar. 
TStatusPanelStyle indicates the kind of contents in a status bar panel. 
This is record ComCtrls.TTabPosition. 
TTabStyle indicates whether a TTabSet control is owner-drawn. 
Specifies the drawing style for the tool bar. 
TTickMark indicates the location of the tick marks on a track bar. 
TTickStyle indicates how a track bar determines the increments at which tick marks appear. 
This is record ComCtrls.TToolButtonState. 
TToolButtonStyle indicates the type of control a TToolButton object represents. 
TTrackBarOrientation indicates whether a trackbar is horizontal or vertical. 
This is record ComCtrls.TTVItemStateEx. 
This is record ComCtrls.TUDAlignButton. 
This is record ComCtrls.TUDBtnType. 
This is record ComCtrls.TUDOrientation. 
TUpDownDirection indicates the direction in which the position of an updown control changes. 
TViewStyle indicates how a list view control displays its items. 
This is type ComCtrls.ECommonCalExceptClass. 
This is type ComCtrls.PConversionFormat. 
PNodeCache is a pointer to a TNodeCache object. 
This is type ComCtrls.PNodeInfo. 
This is type ComCtrls.PRichEditStreamInfo. 
This is type ComCtrls.TAnimateResId. 
TAutoCompleteOptions specify options that control autocompletion. 
TComboBoxExStyles is the type for the Style property of extended combo box controls. 
This is type ComCtrls.TComboExInstance. 
This is type ComCtrls.TComboExItemClass. 
This is type ComCtrls.TComboExItemsClass. 
This is type ComCtrls.TConsistentAttributes. 
This is type ComCtrls.TConversionBuffer. 
This is type ComCtrls.TConversionClass. 
TCustomDrawPanelEvent is the type of the OnDrawPanel event handler. 
This is type ComCtrls.TCustomDrawSectionEvent. 
TCustomDrawState specifies a custom drawing state. 
This is type ComCtrls.TCustomHCCreateSectionClassEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TCustomSectionNotifyEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TCustomSectionTrackEvent. 
TDateTimeColors specifies colors used in a calendar control. 
This is type ComCtrls.TDrawPanelEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TDrawSectionEvent. 
TDrawTabEvent is the type for event handlers that render the tab of an owner-drawn TTabSet control. 
This is type ComCtrls.TDTParseInputEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.THCCreateSectionClassEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.THeaderSectionClass. 
This is type ComCtrls.THitTests. 
This is type ComCtrls.THKInvalidKeys. 
This is type ComCtrls.THKModifiers. 
This is type ComCtrls.TItemRequest. 
TItemState and TItemStates specify the state of an item in a list view control. 
This is type ComCtrls.TListGroupStateSet. 
TListHotTrackStyle and TListHotTrackStyles specify hot tracking styles for a list view control. 
This is type ComCtrls.TListItemClass. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVAdvancedCustomDrawEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVAdvancedCustomDrawItemEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVAdvancedCustomDrawSubItemEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVChangeEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVChangingEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVCheckedItemEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVColumnClickEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVColumnRClickEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVCompareEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVCreateItemClassEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVCustomDrawEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVCustomDrawItemEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVCustomDrawSubItemEvent. 
TLVDeletedEvent is the type of a list view's OnDeletion event handler. 
TLVDrawItemEvent is the type of the list view OnCustomDrawItem and OnDrawItem event handlers. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVEditedEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVEditingEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVInfoTipEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVNotifyEvent. 
TLVOwnerDataEvent is the type of a list view's OnData event handler. 
TLVOwnerDataFindEvent is the type of a list view's OnDataFind event handler. 
TLVOwnerDataHintEvent is the type of a list view's OnDataHint event handler. 
TLVOwnerDataStateChangeEvent is the type of a list view's OnDataStateChange event handler. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVSelectItemEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TLVSubItemImageEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TMultiSelectStyle. 
TOnGetMonthInfoEvent is the type of the TCommonCalendar.OnGetMonthInfo event handler. 
Indicates state information that can influence how an item is drawn. 
TPageScrollEvent is the type of a page scroller's OnScroll event handler. 
This is type ComCtrls.TProgressRange. 
This is type ComCtrls.TRichEditProtectChange. 
This is type ComCtrls.TRichEditResizeEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TRichEditSaveClipboard. 
TSBCreatePanelClassEvent is the type of the OnCreatePanelClass event handler. 
Set of TSearchType
TSectionDragEvent is the type for event handlers that respond when the user drags a section in a header control. 
This is type ComCtrls.TSectionNotifyEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TSectionTrackEvent. 
TStatusPanelClass defines the metaclass for TStatusPanel
This is type ComCtrls.TTabChangingEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TTabGetImageEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TTBAdvancedCustomDrawBtnEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TTBAdvancedCustomDrawEvent. 
TTBButtonEvent is the type of event handlers that respond when the user adds or deletes a tool button in the toolbar customize dialog. 
This is type ComCtrls.TTBCustomDrawBtnEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TTBCustomDrawEvent. 
TTBCustomDrawFlags is the type of the OnAdvancedCustomDrawButton event handler. 
TTBCustomizeQueryEvent is the type of event handlers that allow a toolbar to decide whether to allow a user customization. 
Specifies the style of the gradient. 
This is type ComCtrls.TTBNewButtonEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TToolButtonActionLinkClass. 
This is type ComCtrls.TTreeNodeClass. 
Used in the TCustomTreeView.OnAdvancedCustomDraw event. 
Used in the TCustomTreeView.OnAdvancedCustomDrawItem event. 
Used in the TCustomTreeView.OnChange event. 
Used in the TCustomTreeView.OnChanging event. 
Used in the TCustomTreeView.OnCollapsing event. 
Used in the TCustomTreeView.OnCompare event. 
This is type ComCtrls.TTVCreateNodeClassEvent. 
Used in the TCustomTreeView.OnCustomDraw event. 
Used in the TCustomTreeView.OnCustomDrawItem event. 
Used in the TCustomTreeView.OnEdited event. 
Used in the TCustomTreeView.OnEditing event. 
This is type ComCtrls.TTVEditInstance. 
Represents the event handler for events that notify a tree view of changes to one of its nodes. 
Used in the TCustomTreeView.OnExpanding event. 
This is type ComCtrls.TTVItemStateExSet. 
This is type ComCtrls.TUDChangingEvent. 
This is type ComCtrls.TUDChangingEventEx. 
This is type ComCtrls.TUDClickEvent. 
TWidth represents an integer interval. 
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