RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCOMAdminCatalog.RefreshComponents Method

Refreshes component registration information from the Registry.

procedure RefreshComponents;
__fastcall RefreshComponents();

RefreshComponents compares CLSIDs and ProgIDs between the COM+ class registration database (RegDB) and the Registry for mismatches. When it detects a mismatch in CLSIDs and ProgIDs, RefreshComponents updates the COM+ class registration database (RegDB). 

RefreshComponents only updates CLSID information. It does not update interface or method information. Components that are refreshed using RefreshComponents can not be configured or secured at the interface or method levels in COM+ applications.

Note: You generally should not use RefreshComponents. The recommended way to update components in COM+ applications is to remove and reinstall the components using InstallComponent, so that complete registration information is updated in RegDB.


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