RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCOMAdminCatalog.QueryApplicationFile Method

Retrieves information about a COM+ application from a COM+ application file.

procedure QueryApplicationFile(const bstrApplicationFile: WideString; out bstrApplicationName: WideString; out bstrApplicationDescription: WideString; out bHasUsers: WordBool; out bIsProxy: WordBool; out varFileNames: PSafeArray);
__fastcall QueryApplicationFile(const BSTR bstrApplicationFile, BSTR bstrApplicationName, BSTR bstrApplicationDescription, WordBool bHasUsers, WordBool bIsProxy, PSafeArray varFileNames);

Call QueryApplicationFile to obtain information about a COM+ application from its application file. An application file is created by the ExportApplication method. 

bstrApplicationFile is the name of the ApplicationFile from which to retrieve information. 

bstrApplicationName returns the name of the application. 

bstrApplicationDescription returns a brief description of the application. 

bHasUsers returns true if the application file includes user information associated with its roles, false otherwise. 

bIsProxy returns true if the application file contains an application proxy, false otherwise. 

varFileNames returns an array of all .dll files containing components that are installed in the application. 


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