RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCOMAdminCatalog.ImportComponent Method

Imports a registered in-process component to a COM+ application.

procedure ImportComponent(const bstrApplIdOrName: WideString; const bstrCLSIDOrProgId: WideString);
__fastcall ImportComponent(const BSTR bstrApplIdOrName, const BSTR bstrCLSIDOrProgId);

Do not use ImportComponent. Use the InstallComponent method instead. InstallComponent fully registers the component in the COM+ class registration database (RegDB), whereas ImportComponent does not bring any interface, method, or type library information for the component into the COM+ class registration database. This restricts how the component can be configured. When you export a COM+ application that has an imported component to an application proxy, the proxy will contain no interface or type library information for the component, and marshalling for that component will fail. 

bstrApplIdOrName is the name or GUID that represents the application into which to import the component. 

bstrCLSIDOrProgID is the CLSID or ProgID that identifies the component to import. 


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