RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCOMAdminCatalog.ICOMAdminCatalog_Connect Method

ICOMAdminCatalog_Connects to a remote computer so that you can administer the collections on that machine.

function ICOMAdminCatalog_Connect(const bstrConnectString: WideString): TCOMAdminCatalogCollection;
__fastcall TCOMAdminCatalogCollection ICOMAdminCatalog_Connect(const BSTR bstrConnectString);

Call ICOMAdminCatalog_ICOMAdminCatalog_Connect to administer the COM+ components and services on a remote machine. 

bstrICOMAdminCatalog_ConnectString is the name of the remote computer whose COM+ components and services you want to administer. 

ICOMAdminCatalog_ICOMAdminCatalog_Connect returns the root collection on the remote computer. The root collection contains the top-level collections on the catalog of the remote machine. It does not contain any TCOMAdminCatalogObject objects or support any properties. You can't use the Add or Remove methods of this TCOMAdminCatalogCollection object. 


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