RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCOMAdminCatalog.GetEventClassesForIID Method

Retrieves a list of event classes that implement a specified interface.

procedure GetEventClassesForIID(const bstrIID: WideString; out varCLSIDS: PSafeArray; out varProgIDs: PSafeArray; out varDescriptions: PSafeArray);
__fastcall GetEventClassesForIID(const BSTR bstrIID, PSafeArray varCLSIDS, PSafeArray varProgIDs, PSafeArray varDescriptions);

Call GetEventClassesForIID to determine the available COM+ event objects that implement a specified interface. 

bstrIID is the GUID for the interface that you want the event classes to implement. If bstrIID is nil (Delphi) or NULL (C++), GetEventClassesForIID returns all event classes registered on the machine. 

varCLSIDS returns an array of CLSIDs for the event classes that implement bstrIID. 

varProgIDS returns an array of ProgIDs for the event classes that implement bstrIID. 

varDescriptions returns an array of description strings for the event classes that implement bstrIID. 


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