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TCOMAdminCatalog.GetCollectionByQuery Method

Retrieves a collection from the COM+ catalog given all of its parent items.

function GetCollectionByQuery(const bstrCollName: WideString; var aQuery: PSafeArray): TCOMAdminCatalogCollection;
__fastcall TCOMAdminCatalogCollection GetCollectionByQuery(const BSTR bstrCollName, PSafeArray aQuery);

Call GetCollectionByQuery to obtain a collection on the catalog given the Key property of each of its parent items. The Key property for each parent item is a GUID that uniquely identifies it on the COM+ catalog. 

bstrCollName is the name of the desired collection. The available collections depend on your version of the COMAdmin Library. See the Microsoft documentation for a list of the available collections in your version of the COMAdmin Library. 

aQuery is a safe array of containing the Key property for each parent item of the desired collection.

Note: If bstrCollName is 'ErrorInfo', 'RelatedCollectionInfo', or 'PropertyInfo', GetCollectionByQuery ignores the aQuery parameter and returns the named collection immediately relative to the Root collection. To obtain these collections relative to an arbitrary collection in the catalog, use the GetCollection method of the parent collection.
Note: The TCOMAdminCatalogCollection object that GetCollectionByQuery returns does not contain data from the catalog for items contained in the collection. Use the Populate method to read in data for items in the collection.


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