RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCOMAdminCatalog.Connect Method

Establishes a connection to the COM server that implements the COM+ administration catalog.

procedure Connect; override;
virtual __fastcall Connect();

Call Connect to connect the TCOMAdminCatalog component to the COM server it uses to administer the COM+ catalog data store. If the AutoConnect property is true, the TCOMAdminCatalog component automatically calls Connect when the application is first run. 

Do not use Connect if the value of ConnectKind is ckAttachToInterface. When attaching to an interface, use the ConnectTo method instead. 

If the value of ConnectKind is ckRemote, the RemoteMachineName property must be set before calling Connect.

Note: Do not confuse Connect with the ICOMAdminCatalog_Connect method. Connect establishes a connection to the server that TCOMAdminCatalog represents, while ICOMAdminCatalog_Connect connects to a remote machine on which you want to administer COM+ applications and services.


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