RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCOMAdminCatalogObject Class

TCOMAdminCatalogObject represents an item in a collection from the COM+ catalog.

TCOMAdminCatalogObject = class(TOleServer);
class TCOMAdminCatalogObject : public TOleServer;

Use TCOMAdminCatalogObject to work with one of the items in a COM+ catalog collection. Use the Get_Item method of TCOMAdminCatlogCollection to obtain a TCOMAdminCatalogObject instance for a specific item. Each item corresponds to one of the items in a folder that appears in the Component Services administration tool. 

TCOMAdminCatalogObject implements the ICatalogObject interface, to let you get and set properties on the items in a catalog collection. Any changes you make to the item are not reflected on the catalog data store until you call SaveChanges for the collection that contains the item. 


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