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TCOMAdminCatalogCollection.Create Constructor

Creates a new instance of TCOMAdminCatalogCollection.

constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override;
virtual __fastcall TCOMAdminCatalogCollection(TComponent * AOwner);

Call Create to instantiate TCOMAdminCatalogCollection at runtime. Once you have created a TCOMAdminCatalogCollection object, you must bind it to an ICatalogCollection interface before you can use it. Use the ConnectTo method to bind a TCOMAdminCatalogCollection object to an ICatalogCollection interface.

Note: When you obtain a TCOMAdminCatalogCollection instance from a method on the TCOMAdminCatalog object or from another collection, it is already bound to an ICatalogCollection interface.
Owner specifies the component (typically a form or data module) that is responsible for freeing the TCOMAdminCatalogCollection instance. 


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