RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCOMAdminCatalog Class

TCOMAdminCatalog allows an application to act as an Automation controller for the COM+ administration tool.

TCOMAdminCatalog = class(TOleServer);
class TCOMAdminCatalog : public TOleServer;

Use TCOMAdminCatalog to automate the administration of COM+ applications and services. TCOMAdminCatalog lets you read and write information that is stored on the COM+ catalog, which holds all COM+ configuration data. TCOMAdminCatalog implements the ICOMAdminCatalog interface, to let you 

Access collections on the catalog. 

Install COM+ applications and components.  

Start and stop services. 

Connect to and administer remote servers. 

Use the Connect method to access the COMAdminCatalog server. You can then use the methods of TCOMAdminCatalog to send commands that administer COM+ applications on this or another machine. 


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