RAD Studio VCL Reference
Classes.toSymbol Constant

Specifies a TParser symbol token.

toSymbol = Char(1);
toSymbol = Char(1);

toSymbol is one of a number of Char values that are used by the TParser. These are tokens, representing the type of information that TParser has found whilst parsing.  

toSymbol specifies that a symbol value has been encountered. 'object', 'Left' and 'end' are typical DFM symbols. They are like Delphi keywords, as opposed to integer, string, widestring and float values that occur following a symbol and '=' sign combination.  

The value is available in the TokenString property.

Note: TParser is principally used internally by Delphi to parse DFM (form) source files. It can be used as a more general parser, but only for files similar in format to DFM files.


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