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TStrings.DelimitedText Property

Represents all the strings in the TStrings object as a single delimited string.

property DelimitedText: string;
__property AnsiString DelimitedText;

Use DelimitedText to get or set all the strings in the TStrings object in a single string.  

When retrieving DelimitedText, the resulting value delimits individual strings in two ways: each string is surrounded (before and after) by the quote character specified by the QuoteChar property. In addition, individual strings are separated by the character specified by the Delimiter property.  

When assigning DelimitedText, individual strings must be separated using QuoteChar at both ends, using Delimiter as a separator, or using both these methods. 

If StrictDelimiter is set to false, the space character is also interpreted as a delimiter, regardless of the value of Delimiter. This is not true when the space character occurs between quotation marks.

Note: CommaText is the same as the DelimitedText property when Delimiter is ',' and QuoteChar is '"'.


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