RAD Studio VCL Reference
TStream.Seek Method (Int64, TSeekOrigin)

Moves to a specified position in the streamed resource.

function Seek(Offset: Longint; Origin: Word): Longint; virtual; overload;
function Seek(const Offset: Int64; Origin: TSeekOrigin): Int64; virtual; overload;
virtual __fastcall Longint Seek(Longint Offset, Word Origin);
virtual __fastcall Int64 Seek(const Int64 Offset, TSeekOrigin Origin);

Call Seek to move the current position of the stream in its particular storage medium (such as memory or a disk file). 

The Origin parameter indicates how to interpret the Offset parameter. Origin should be one of the following values:

Offset is from the beginning of the resource. Seek moves to the position Offset. Offset must be >= 0.  
Offset is from the current position in the resource. Seek moves to Position + Offset.  
Offset is from the end of the resource. Offset must be <= 0 to indicate a number of bytes before the end of the file.  

Seek returns the new value of the Position property. 

Seek is called by the Position and Size properties.

Note: As implemented in TStream, the two versions (the 32-bit or 64-bit syntax) call each other. Descendant stream classes must override at least one of these versions, and the override must not call the inherited default implementation.


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