RAD Studio VCL Reference
TStreamAdapter.Stat Method

Implements the IStream Stat method.

function Stat(out statstg: TStatStg; grfStatFlag: Longint): HResult; virtual; stdcall;
virtual __fastcall __stdcall HRESULT Stat(TStatStg statstg, Longint grfStatFlag);

Stat fills out a TStatStg record with information about the stream object The grfStatFlag parameter indicates what information in the record, if any, is not needed. 

Stat ignores the grfStatFlag parameter. It always sets dwType to STGTY_STREAM, grfLocksSupported to LOCK_WRITE, and all of the TFileTime parameters to 0. It sets cbSize to the size of the stream, and leaves the remaining fields unchanged. 

Stat returns S_OK if it does not encounter any exceptions filling out statstg, E_UNEXPECTED otherwise. 


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