RAD Studio VCL Reference
TStreamAdapter.Seek Method

Implements the IStream Seek method.

function Seek(dlibMove: Largeint; dwOrigin: Longint; out libNewPosition: Largeint): HResult; virtual; stdcall;
virtual __fastcall __stdcall HRESULT Seek(Largeint dlibMove, Longint dwOrigin, Largeint libNewPosition);

Seek moves the current position of the stream to the position specified by dlibMove and dwOrigin. The dlibMove parameter indicates a number of bytes, and dwOrigin indicates from where the bytes are measured to locate the new position. The libNewPosition parameter returns the new position of the stream. 

Seek returns S_OK if it successfully Seeks to the specified position. It returns STG_E_INVALIDFUNCTION if dlibMove is STREAM_SEEK_SET or STREAM_SEEK_END, because these types of seek operations are not supported by the TStream.Seek method. It returns STG_E_INVALIDPOINTER if the seek operation fails for any other reason. 


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