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TRecall.Destroy Destructor

Destroys the TRecall instance, assigning the stored properties to the reference object.

destructor Destroy; override;
virtual __fastcall ~TRecall();

Destroy a TRecall instance to restore the properties of the reference object to the last values saved to the TRecall object. The properties of the reference object are saved to the TRecall instance when you first create it, and subsequently any time you call the Store method. The TRecall destructor assigns the currently saved property values to the reference object by calling the reference object's Assign method. 

If you do not want to restore the currently saved property values, call the Forget method before freeing the TRecall object. Once you call Forget, TRecall ceases to store any property information, and destroying the TRecall leaves the properties of the reference object unchanged.

Note: Do not call Destroy directly. Call Free instead. Free checks that the object reference is not nil before calling Destroy.


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