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TRecall.Create Constructor

Creates an instance of a TRecall object.

constructor Create(AStorage: TPersistent; AReference: TPersistent);
__fastcall TRecall(TPersistent * AStorage, TPersistent * AReference);

Note: Call Create to instantiate a TRecall object to save the properties of a specific reference object.
AStorage is an object that saves the properties of the reference object. Once you create the TRecall instance, it is responsible for the memory of AStorage, and frees AStorage when it is destroyed. Do not free AStorage yourself after creating the TRecall object. 

AReference is the object whose properties are saved when you create the TRecall object and, subsequently, any time you call the Store method. 

AStorage and AReference do not need to be the same type of object. However, TRecall can only save and restore those properties that can be assigned from the reference object to the storage object and back again. That is, TRecall only handles those properties that are copied by the Assign method of AStorage and AReference. 


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