RAD Studio VCL Reference
TMemoryStream.LoadFromStream Method

Loads the entire contents of a stream into the memory buffer.

procedure LoadFromStream(Stream: TStream);
__fastcall LoadFromStream(TStream Stream);

Use LoadFromStream to fill the memory stream with the contents of the stream specified by the Stream parameter. LoadFromStream always sets the Position of the source stream to 0, before streaming in the number of bytes indicated by the source stream's Size property. 

LoadFromStream reallocates the memory buffer so that the contents of the source stream will exactly fit. It sets the Size property accordingly, and then reads the entire contents of the source stream into the memory buffer. Thus, LoadFromStream will discard any pre-existing data stored in the memory stream. 

If the source stream is a TFileStream object, LoadFromStream does the same thing as LoadFromFile, except that the application must create and free the TFileStream object. LoadFromStream also allows applications to fill a memory stream object from other types of stream objects. 


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