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TInterfacedPersistent Class

TInterfacedPersistent is an ancestor for persistent objects that implement interfaces.

TInterfacedPersistent = class(TPersistent, IInterface);
class TInterfacedPersistent : public TPersistent, public IInterface;

TInterfacedPersistent, like all persistent objects, supports the ability to read and write its properties to and from a stream. In addition, it supplies a default implementation of the IInterface methods (_AddRef, _Release, and QueryInterface). This default implementation simply passes these calls on to the interface of the persistent object's Owner, if any. 

Do not create instances of TInterfacedPersistent. Use TInterfacedPersistent as a base class when declaring objects that are not components, but that need to be saved to a stream or have their properties assigned to other objects, and that support interfaces. 


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