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Classes.TIdentMapEntry Record

TIdentMapEntry is used to perform ident string to integer value mapping.

TIdentMapEntry = record
  Value: Integer;
  Name: String;
struct TIdentMapEntry {
  int Value;
  AnsiString Name;

The TIdentMapEntry type declares a record of two fields. Name gives the ident name as a string. Value gives the integer value of this ident.  

RegisterIntegerConsts function registers pairs of ident strings and their corresponding values. It uses IdentToInt and IntToIdent to perform the mappings between the ident names and their values.  

These routines in turn use TIdentMapEntry arrays to hold these mappings.  

For example, the Graphics unit uses TIdentMapEntry internally to hold the mapping of color names to integer values, such as 'clMaroon' to $000080. 


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