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TCustomMemoryStream Class

TCustomMemoryStream is an abstract base class used as the common ancestor for memory streams.

TCustomMemoryStream = class(TStream);
class TCustomMemoryStream : public TStream;

Use TCustomMemoryStream as a base class when defining a stream object that can transfer data that is stored in memory. Memory streams are useful for providing file-like access to data that is stored in a less accessible medium. Data can be moved to an internal memory buffer when the memory stream is created. After manipulating the data in a memory stream, the data can be written out to its actual storage medium when the memory stream is destroyed. 

Do not instantiate an instance of TCustomMemoryStream. It is an abstract class that implements behavior common to all memory streams. To work with an instance of a memory stream, use one of the descendants of TCustomMemoryStream, such as TMemoryStream or TResourceStream


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