RAD Studio VCL Reference
TComponent.Invoke Method

Provides access to Automation properties and methods when the component wraps an Automation object.

function Invoke(DispID: Integer; const IID: TGUID; LocaleID: Integer; Flags: Word; var Params; VarResult: Pointer; ExcepInfo: Pointer; ArgErr: Pointer): HResult; stdcall;
__fastcall __stdcall HRESULT Invoke(int DispID, const TGUID IID, int LocaleID, Word Flags,  Params, void * VarResult, void * ExcepInfo, void * ArgErr);

Invoke is the standard mechanism for accessing the exposed properties and methods of an Automation object. For components that wrap the IDispatch interface of an Automation object, Invoke calls the Invoke method for the interface supported by the component, passing it the parameters specified by the function. 


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