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Classes.TComponentStyle Type

TComponentStyle is a set of flags that describe the current Style of a component.

TComponentStyle = set of (csInheritable, csCheckPropAvail, csSubComponent, csTransient);
(csInheritable, csCheckPropAvail, csSubComponent, csTransient) TComponentStyle;

The following table indicates the meaning of the various TComponentStyle flags:

Descendant form types can inherit from the component. If any of the components in a form do not have the csInheritable style, the form cannot be used as the ancestor of an inherited form.  
The component needs to check its properties for readability. This is only used for COM controls (on Windows), where the Object Inspector cannot tell directly that a property is readable, and therefore displayable.  
The component is a subcomponent of the component that is the value of its Owner property. Unlike top-level components, subcomponents are not saved with the form or data module in which they reside. Instead, a subcomponent appears as the value of a published property of its Owner, and its published properties and events are saved in the form file with the owning component.  
The component is a temporary object that should not be saved in a form file.  


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