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Classes.TComponentState Type

TComponentState is a set of flags that describe the current state of a component.

TComponentState = set of (csLoading, csReading, csWriting, csDestroying, csDesigning, csAncestor, csUpdating, csFixups, csFreeNotification, csInline, csDesignInstance);
(csLoading, csReading, csWriting, csDestroying, csDesigning, csAncestor, csUpdating, csFixups, csFreeNotification, csInline, csDesignInstance) TComponentState;

TComponentState defines the set of possible state flags for the ComponentState property of a TComponent instance. The following table lists the possible values for the TComponentState type and the meaning corresponding to each flag:

Component state 
The component was introduced in an ancestor form. Only set if csDesigning is also set.  
The component is in a form being manipulated by the form designer.  
The component is about to be destroyed.  
The component is linked to a component in another form that has not yet been loaded. This flag is cleared when all pending fix-ups are resolved.  
One or more other components have requested that this component notify them when it is destroyed. This flag is set when another component calls this component's FreeNotification method.  
The component is a top-level component that can be modified at design time and also embedded in a form. This flag is used to identify nested frames while loading and saving.  
A filer object is currently loading the component. This flag is set when the component is first created and not cleared until the component and all its children are fully loaded (when the Loaded method is called).  
The component is reading its property values from a stream. Note that the csLoading flag is always set as well when csReading is set. That is, csReading is set for the subinterval of the time when a component is loading that covers reading in property values.  
The component is being updated to reflect changes in an ancestor form. Only set if csAncestor is also set.  
The component is writing its property values to a stream.  
The component is the root object in a designer. For example, it is set for a frame when you are designing it, but not on a frame that acts like a component. This flag always appears with csDesigning.  


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