RAD Studio VCL Reference
Classes.RegisterNonActiveX Function

Prevents a set of components from being made available to the ActiveX wizard.

procedure RegisterNonActiveX(const ComponentClasses: array of TComponentClass; AxRegType: TActiveXRegType);
RegisterNonActiveX(const array of TComponentClass ComponentClasses, TActiveXRegType AxRegType);

Call RegisterNonActiveX to prevent a registered set of custom components from being converted into ActiveX controls using the ActiveX wizard. The components must still be registered using RegisterComponents or RegisterNoIcon if they are to work with the Object Inspector.  

The ComponentClasses parameter is an array of custom classes that are descended from TComponent.

Note: In C++, the ComponentClasses_Size is the index of the last class in ComponentClasses (one less than the number of classes).
The AxRegType parameter indicates whether only the components in the ComponentClasses array should be blocked from the ActiveX wizard (when AxRegType is axrComponentOnly), or whether their descendants should be prohibited from becoming ActiveX controls as well (when AxRegType is axrIncludeDescendants).  

Put the call to RegisterNonActiveX in the Register procedure. 


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