RAD Studio VCL Reference
Classes.RegisterNoIcon Function

Registers a set of components but does not add them to the component palette.

procedure RegisterNoIcon(const ComponentClasses: array of TComponentClass);
RegisterNoIcon(const array of TComponentClass ComponentClasses);

Call RegisterNoIcon to register a set of custom components so that objects from that class can use the Object Inspector. Because the components are not added to the component palette, instances of components registered using RegisterNoIcon must be explicitly created by calling the constructor, usually from another component. 

The ComponentClasses parameter is an array of custom classes that are descended from TComponent.

Note: In C++, the ComponentClasses_Size parameter is index of the last class in the array (one less than the number of classes).
Put the call to RegisterNoIcon in the Register procedure.  

To add the components to the component palette, use RegisterComponents instead. 


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