RAD Studio VCL Reference
Classes.ObjectTextToResource Function

Converts a symbolic text representation of an object into an internal binary representation.

procedure ObjectTextToResource(Input: TStream; Output: TStream); overload;
procedure ObjectTextToResource(Input: TStream; Output: TStream; var OriginalFormat: TStreamOriginalFormat); overload;
ObjectTextToResource(TStream Input, TStream Output);
ObjectTextToResource(TStream Input, TStream Output, TStreamOriginalFormat OriginalFormat);

Call ObjectTextToResource to create a component from the representation of an object as it is saved in module resource files. ObjectTextToResource is the same as ObjectTextToBinary, except that it skips over any object headers and includes a resource header instead. Use the ReadComponentRes method of the output stream to obtain the actual object. 

ObjectTextToResource converts the text version of a form that can be seen by right clicking the form and choosing View As Text into the binary version which is stored in a form file. 


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