RAD Studio VCL Reference
Classes.FindIntToIdent Function

Returns the TIntToIdent conversion routine for a given data type.

function FindIntToIdent(AIntegerType: Pointer): TIntToIdent;
TIntToIdent FindIntToIdent(void * AIntegerType);

RegisterIntegerConsts is used internally within Delphi to define conversions between name-string and integer value pairs. For example, the Graphics unit uses this routine to register named colours, such as 'clMaroon', which is registered as integer value $000080. The conversion function is defined by type, TColor in this example.  

FindIntToIdent is called to return the TIntToIdent routine to be called to perform an integer value to Ident string conversion. You pass a data type in AIntegerType that identifies the conversion. For example, you would pass TypeInfo(TColor) if you wanted to be returned the Graphics unit registered TColor value conversion function. 


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