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Classes.ExtractStrings Function

Fills a string list with substrings parsed from a delimited list.

function ExtractStrings(Separators: TSysCharSet; WhiteSpace: TSysCharSet; Content: PChar; Strings: TStrings): Integer;
int ExtractStrings(TSysCharSet Separators, TSysCharSet WhiteSpace, const char * Content, TStrings Strings);

Use ExtractStrings to fill a string list with the substrings of the null-terminated string specified by Content. 

Separators is a set of characters that are used as delimiters, separating the substrings. Carriage returns, newline characters, and quote characters (single or double) are always treated as separators. Separators are ignored when inside a quoted string until the final end quote. (Note that quoted characters can appear in a quoted string if the quote character is doubled.) 

WhiteSpace is a set of characters to be ignored when parsing Content if they occur at the beginning of a string. 

Content is the null-terminated string to parse into substrings. 

Strings is a string list to which all substrings parsed from Content are added. The string list is not cleared by ExtractStrings, so any strings already in the string list are preserved. 

ExtractStrings returns the number of strings added to the Strings parameter.

Note: ExtractStrings does not add empty strings to the list.


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