RAD Studio VCL Reference
EResNotFound Class

EResNotFound is the exception class for unlocatable resources.

EResNotFound = class(Exception);
class EResNotFound : public Exception;

EResNotFound is raised when a specified resource (such as a form or bitmap) can't be found in a form file or a resource file, or when the resource is not linked into the application. 

If you receive this exception on startup of an application, or when you create a form, check the form's unit file for the compiler directive that links in the form file.

Note: In Delphi, this directive is {$R *.dfm} (for VCL forms) 

In Delphi, this directive is {$R *.dfm} (for VCL forms)

Note: In C++, this directive #pragma resource #pragma resource "*.dfm" (for VCL forms)
If this directive is missing or commented out, the form file is not included in the executable and an EResNotFound exception is generated. 


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