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EFileStreamError.Create Constructor

Creates a new EFileStreamError object.

constructor Create(ResStringRec: PResStringRec; const FileName: string);
__fastcall EFileStreamError(PResStringRec ResStringRec, const AnsiString FileName);

Create instantiates an exception object with a simple message string. Use the throw keyword with the constructor. For example,

throw EFileStreamError ("My error message");

Msg is the runtime error message that appears in the exception dialog box. 

Args is an array of constants containing values to format according to format specifiers in Msg. 

Args_Size is the index of the last constant in Args (one less than the number of entries). 

AHelpContext is an integer that specifies the context-sensitive Help ID for the exception. 

Ident is the unique ID of the string resource for the error message as specified in the RES file. If Ident is not a valid resource ID, the constructor creates an empty message string for the exception. 

ResStringRec is a struct that describes a resourced string by giving its module and resource ID. It is used primarily with Delphi resourcestring values. 


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