RAD Studio VCL Reference
Classes.ClassGroupOf Function

Returns the group of persistent classes a specified class or instance belongs to.

function ClassGroupOf(AClass: TPersistentClass): TPersistentClass; overload;
function ClassGroupOf(Instance: TPersistent): TPersistentClass; overload;
TPersistentClass ClassGroupOf(TPersistentClass AClass);
TPersistentClass ClassGroupOf(TPersistent * Instance);

The streaming system allows the classes that can be loaded and saved to be registered in separate groups. This allows the IDE to distinguish between cross-platform and Windows-only classes.  

StartClassGroup starts a new group. GroupDescendentsWith adds a class to an existing group.  

ClassGroupOf returns the group that either a AClass class has been registered to, or the class of the specified Instance has been registered to. 


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