RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCategoryButtons.MouseUp Method

OnMouseUp event dispatcher.

procedure MouseUp(Button: TMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState; X: Integer; Y: Integer); override;
virtual __fastcall MouseUp(TMouseButton Button, TShiftState Shift, int X, int Y);

Override the protected MouseDown method to provide other responses in addition to calling the OnMouseDown event handler when the user releases a previously pressed mouse button while the cursor's hotspot is over the control. 

A control calls MouseUp in response to any of the Windows mouse-up messages (WM_LBUTTONUP, WM_MBUTTONUP, WM_RBUTTONUP), decoding the message parameters into the shift-key state and position, which it passes in the Shift, X, and Y parameters, respectively. The value of the Button parameter indicates which mouse button was released: left, right, or middle 


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