RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCaptionedDockTree.PaintDockFrame Method

Paints the elements of a docking zone that surround a docked control.

procedure PaintDockFrame(Canvas: TCanvas; Control: TControl; const ARect: TRect); override;
virtual __fastcall PaintDockFrame(TCanvas Canvas, TControl * Control, const TRect ARect);

Application's can't call the protected PaintDockFrame method. It is used by the PaintSite method to render the grab lines and close buttons that make up the grab region of a docking zone. 

Canvas is the drawing surface on which to paint. 

Control is the control that is docked in the zone being rendered. 

ARect indicates the boundaries of the entire docking zone.

Note: Descendants classes can override this method to change the way a dock tree paints docking zones. The descendant class should only paint in the portions of ARect that are not occupied by Control.


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