RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCaptionedDockTree.Create Constructor (TWinControl)

Creates and initializes a TDockTree object.

constructor Create(DockSite: TWinControl); override; overload;
virtual __fastcall TCaptionedDockTree(TWinControl * DockSite);

Createinstantiates a new TDockTree object to manage docking operations for the control specified by the DockSite parameter. Typically, applications do not create TDockTree objects. Instead, the windowed control that is the value of the DockSite parameter creates the dock tree when an application sets its UseDockManager property to true. 

DockSite is the windowed control that uses the dock tree to manage the docking of child controls. It becomes the value of the DockSite property. 

Createinitializes the new dock tree to reflect any controls currently docked in DockSite. It then replaces the WindowProc property of DockSite with a method that handles all docking-related messages, passing any other messages on to DockSite's previous window procedure. 


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