RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCaptionedDockTree.AdjustDockRect Method

Adjusts the boundaries of the docking zone where a specified control is docked.

procedure AdjustDockRect(Control: TControl; var ARect: TRect); override;
virtual __fastcall AdjustDockRect(TControl * Control, TRect ARect);

Applications can't call the protected AdjustDockRect method. It is called automatically to make any final adjustments to the rectangle where a client control is docked. 

Control is the control that is docked. 

On entry, ARect indicates the boundaries of Control when it is docked to the windowed control specified by the DockSite property. AdjustDockRect changes this to make any final adjustments to the space in which Control is docked. 

In TDockTree, AdjustDockRect expands the ARect parameter to make room for the "grab region" around a docked control. (The grab region is indicated by a double bevel, and is where the user can click with the mouse to start an undocking operation.) AdjustDockRect checks the Align property of the dock site to determine whether the grab region should appear on the side or the top of the docked control. 


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