RAD Studio VCL Reference
TSpeedButton.AllowAllUp Property

Specifies whether all speed buttons in the group that contains this speed button can be unselected at the same time.

property AllowAllUp: Boolean;
__property Boolean AllowAllUp;

Use AllowAllUp with a group of buttons that belong to the same group. Speed buttons belong to the same group if they have the same value on their GroupIndex property. Buttons in the same group behave in a mutually exclusive fashion: when one button in the group is selected (down), all other buttons in the group become unselected (up).  

If AllowAllUp is true, all of the speed buttons in a group can be unselected at the same time. Clicking the single selected button in the group will deselect that button without selecting another. If AllowAllUp is false, exactly one of the buttons in the group must be selected at any time. Clicking a down button won't return the button to its up state. 

Changing the value of the AllowAllUp property for one speed button in a group changes the AllowAllUp value for all buttons in the group.

Note: If GroupIndex is zero, AllowAllUp has no effect.


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