RAD Studio VCL Reference
TBitBtn.GetPalette Method

Returns the handle to a palette for use by the control.

function GetPalette: HPALETTE; override;
virtual __fastcall HPALETTE GetPalette();

As implemented in TControl, GetPalette returns a null handle, indicating that the control does not have a palette. Override GetPalette to implement derived objects that use a palette. Create a palette handle for the control by a call to the Windows API function CreatePalette. GetPalette should return the palette handle for the control. 

Specifying the palette for a control tells the application that the control's palette needs to be realized and designates the palette to use for realization. 

GetPalette is called only if the run-time video mode requires color palette support, for example, in 256-color mode. 


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