RAD Studio VCL Reference
TButtonGroup.DoMouseWheelUp Method

OnMouseWheelUp event dispatcher.

function DoMouseWheelUp(Shift: TShiftState; MousePos: TPoint): Boolean; override;
virtual __fastcall Boolean DoMouseWheelUp(TShiftState Shift, TPoint MousePos);

The DoMouseWheel method calls DoMouseWheelUp to generate an OnMouseWheelUp event. 

The Shift parameter indicates the state of the Shift, Alt, and Ctrl keys. 

The MousePos parameter indicates the position of the mouse pointer. 

DoMouseWheelUp returns true if an event handler indicates that it handled the message, and false otherwise. 

Override DoMouseWheelUp to perform class-specific tasks in addition to calling the event handler when the mouse wheel is rotated upward. 


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