RAD Studio VCL Reference
TPropertyPage.EnumCtlProps Method

Looks for a PropType type property in a control on the form.

procedure EnumCtlProps(PropType: TGUID; PropNames: TStrings);
__fastcall EnumCtlProps(TGUID PropType, TStrings PropNames);

Use EnumCtlProps to locate all properties of the ActiveX object specified by OleObject that use the GUID specified by the PropType parameter. The names of all properties of the specified type are added to the PropNames list. The property names can be used subsequently to read or write property values using the IDispatch interface of the ActiveX object.

Note: EnumCtlProps does not clear the PropNames list before adding property names. Applications should clear the string list before calling EnumCtlProps to avoid mistaking entries that were previously in the list for properties of the ActiveX object.

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