RAD Studio VCL Reference
TOleGraphic.SaveToClipboardFormat Method

Saves the OLE graphic to a Clipboard format.

procedure SaveToClipboardFormat(var AFormat: Word; var AData: THandle; var APalette: HPALETTE); override;
virtual __fastcall SaveToClipboardFormat(Word AFormat, THandle AData, HPALETTE APalette);

Use SaveToClipboardFormat to copy the OLE graphic to a Clipboard format. The resulting values can then be copied to the Windows clipboard using the clipboard's SetAsHandle method. 

The graphic's palette is returned in the APalette parameter, the format in the AFormat parameter, and a handle to the data in the AData parameter. Before the OLE graphic can be saved, an application must have registered the format using the RegisterClipboardFormat method. 


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