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TConnectionPoint.Create Constructor

Instantiates a connection point object.

constructor Create(Container: TConnectionPoints; const IID: TGUID; Kind: TConnectionKind; OnConnect: TConnectEvent);
__fastcall TConnectionPoint(TConnectionPoints Container, const TGUID IID, TConnectionKind Kind, TConnectEvent OnConnect);

Create is called automatically by the connection point container's CreateConnectionPoint method, to instantiate a connection point object. This occurs when an ActiveX control is initialized. 

Create allocates memory for a connection point object and calls the inherited Create, passing it the Container's controlling IUnknown. Container is a connection point container object. Create adds the connection point object to the Container. Then it sets the:

  • IID as the GUID or interface identifier of the outgoing interface managed by this connection point.
  • IKind, indicating whether it is a single or multiple connection to that point.
  • OnConnect as the connection event used in the IConnectionPoint Advise method.

TConnectEvent points to a procedure for the OnConnect event of the connection point. TConnectionKind is a type indicating whether there are multiple connections to the connection point. 


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