RAD Studio VCL Reference
TActiveXPropertyPageFactory.Create Constructor

Creates a property page factory and binds that factory to property page class.

constructor Create(ComServer: TComServerObject; PropertyPageClass: TPropertyPageClass; const ClassID: TGUID);
__fastcall TActiveXPropertyPageFactory(TComServerObject ComServer, TPropertyPageClass PropertyPageClass, const TGUID ClassID);

The ComServer parameter is a pointer to the COM server object for the ActiveX library. This is normally the global variable, ComServer, declared in the ComServ unit. 

The PropertyPageClass parameter is the class object of the property page's implementing class. The implementing class must be derived form TPropertyPage. This class implements the form that is to appear in the property dialog. 

The ClassID parameter is a GUID that identifies the property page's class. Each property page should have its own GUID. See the Developer's Programmer's Guide for information on how to create a GUID. 


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