RAD Studio VCL Reference
TActiveXControlFactory.UpdateRegistry Method

UpdateRegistry adds or removes registry entries for the object.

procedure UpdateRegistry(Register: Boolean); override;
virtual __fastcall UpdateRegistry(Boolean Register);

This method is called to add or remove the control from the system registry. The default behavior of this method is to add normal ActiveX control registry keys, server file information, and type library information to the registry. It also adds the verbs added with the AddVerb method. 

If the Register parameter is True, true, the control should add its keys to the system registry. If it is False, false, the control should remove its keys from the registry. 

Override this method if you want your control to store more information in the registry than the base implementation stores. If you do override this method, be sure to call the inherited implementation in the correct order. When adding registry entries (that is, Register is True), true), call the inherited method before adding custom entries. When removing registry entries (that is, Register is False), false), call the inherited method after removing the custom entries. 


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