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TActiveXControlFactory.Create Constructor

Creates and initializes a new Create object.

constructor Create(ComServer: TComServerObject; ActiveXControlClass: TActiveXControlClass; WinControlClass: TWinControlClass; const ClassID: TGUID; ToolboxBitmapID: Integer; const LicStr: string; MiscStatus: Integer; ThreadingModel: TThreadingModel = tmSingle);
__fastcall TActiveXControlFactory(TComServerObject ComServer, TActiveXControlClass ActiveXControlClass, TWinControlClass WinControlClass, const TGUID ClassID, int ToolboxBitmapID, const AnsiString LicStr, int MiscStatus, TThreadingModel ThreadingModel = tmSingle);

The ComServer parameter is a pointer to the COM server object for the module containing the property page factory. This is normally a global variable, ComServer, declared in the ComServ unit. 

The ActiveXControlClass parameter is the class object for the controller object that implements the ActiveX control. This object should be derived from TActiveXControl

The WinControlClass parameter is the class object for the VCL control class that implements the Windows behavior of the control. This object should be derived from TWinControl

The ClassID parameter is the GUID of the ActiveX control. Each COM object should have a unique GUID. 

LicStr is the license string for controls created with this factory. LicStr is empty if controls created with this factory are unlicensed. MiscStatus are the status bits that are stored in the registry. 

ThreadingModel specifies how calls to the created ActiveX control are serialized. This determines the value of the ThreadingModel property. 


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